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Launching the entire event, prior to the opening of the exhibit hall, The Reveal is a completely reimagined opening session that will unveil the best of the best industry products. Dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and the media will be able to view a highly curated product introduction that will be streamed live into thousands of consumer households through Go RVing’s marketing platforms and channels. This event is designed to generate enormous amounts of consumer interest and excitement just as they are planning their spring and summer vacations. The Reveal will also provide dealers with valuable selling information about the industry’s latest products designed for consumer consumption.

While RV manufacturers will be submitting product for The Reveal, supplier products will be integrated throughout the event in Salt Lake City. As the RV products are revealed, the event emcee will guide the audience through an inside look at how supplier products fit into the RV and specifically with the consumer lifestyle category.

Product Categories

Family-Friendly – These RVs are designed to be multi-generational with storage capacity for a family on the go. They have a durable, kid-friendly interior that’s easy to set-up, clean and maintain.

Outdoor Adventurer – Cool, rugged with off-road capabilities, these RVs are self-contained with the ability to haul outdoor gear to your next adventure.

Van Life – Van campers designed for the RVer looking for the wanderlust lifestyle, going places where others don’t.

City Escape – Nimble and maneuverable, these RVs are easy to store in a small space and ideal for connected city-dwellers or suburbanites looking for an outdoor escape.

Destination Camping – Residential in style with more elbow-room, these RVs are for campers looking for the long-term stay.

Sustainability – Eco-friendly with sustainable materials, these RVs use of clean energy technology is for the conscious traveler.

On the Horizon – Breaking the mold, these concept RVs are a look at the future of RVing.

Luxury Living – All the bells and whistles, these RVs include upscale amenities for the RVer who spares no expense.

Team Tailgate – Featuring prime outdoor living space and entertainment, these RVs are designed for the tailgating enthusiast, whether they’re at a big game or concert.